Friday, June 7, 2013

Finding space

Not so long ago I got  new wizzy fast computer with lots of hard drive space. I am sure I told you all about it when it arrived, it's an awesome computer!  Now it is an awesome computer with full data drives! I have all my old images (prior to 2010) stored on external drives and everything from the last two and a half years on the internal 2 TB drive. You would think that would be heaps of space but no, it's full!

So I am busy going through all my old stuff and culling out the rubbish. There is a lot of rubbish and as I raise the bar with the quality of my images I am able to be more ruthless with the rubbish. I see no point in keeping something that is 'possibly ok'. If it is not sharp and clear it's gone.  So far I have retrieved 350GB, so I can go out this weekend and take more photos!

Ultimately I need to get another internal drive for the computer and this time I am eying up a 3TB drive. I have no intention of slowing down the amount of images I take but I am going to have to get more ruthless about what I keep. There is no point in having several images that are almost identical, I only need one of each.

This afternoon the sun was shining when I had finished work so instead of photographing the birds from inside like I normally do, I took a chair out to the lawn and sat a similar distance away from the feeders. The birds didn't seem to mind my being there and bounced happily around me. It allowed me to get some shots of them on different perches for a change and I am really liking the results.

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