Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Help! My bow tie is crooked

This afternoon we had a new visitor to the garden. He had a very angry looking face, a yellow mustache and a crooked bow tie. I think he must have woken up on the wrong side of the branch this morning and decided it was time to investigate where all the noise was coming from. We had a lot of bird noise this afternoon. 

This tui is definitely a new visitor as his two white throat feathers were off centre. This will make him easy to identify if he decides to come back.  He flew in at speed, checked out the tree before jumping onto the roofs of both the feeders one after the other, then flew off again. He didn't bother to taste the nectar on offer so obviously wasn't hungry and by the looks of the pollen around his beak, he is finding plenty of food elsewhere.

The waxeyes always disappear into the depths of the trees whenever there is a tui about. As soon as you hear the swooping wings of the tui, they just vanish. You know they are there and every now and then you can hear them chirping away to each other.  "Is he gone yet? Is it safe? Can we come out yet?"  Once the all clear is given they flock back to the feeders as if there was never a threat.

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