About Me

Toya Heatley LPSNZ, ANPSNZ

I come from a family where as far back as I can remember there has always been a high importance placed on being creative. Crafts and hobbies, painting and writing were all things that were not only encouraged but indeed there was always a role model to follow.
I found that seeing a picture and capturing that image in the camera were not as easy as first thought, so I sought learning. The more I learned, the more I explored - I joined local camera clubs and the PSNZ and haven't looked back since.
Photography is more than a hobby for me now, it's a passion, and I like to think that passion is transferred into my images!


You may notice that my images are watermarked with Digitalpix Photography. This is what I call myself. I have the following websites. The first two go to the same site, the third is this blog site.

Main website:   www.digitalpix.co.nz
Blog site:         www.shutterclicks.co.nz

Awards & Publications

D-Photo Magazine - May/June 2013 issue -Image published
NATEX 2013 - Acceptance Awards x 2
Guardians of Pauatahanui Inlet Photo Competition 2013 - Highly Commended Award

Associateship of the Nature Photography Society of New Zealand - 2013
PSNZ Central Regional 2012 Individual Salon - Highly Commended Awards x 2 

PSNZ Central Regional 2012 Individual Salon - Acceptance Awards x 2
NAWIC "Celebrating Women in Construction" Exhibition 2012
- Principal Photographer - over 20 images exhibited

PSNZ 2010 Canon Online Round 6 - Winner
PSNZ Central Regional Individual Salon 2009 - Acceptance Awards x 3
New Zealand Camera 2008 - Image published
PSNZ Central Regional Individual Salon 2008 - Commended Awards x 2
Kodak Gold Awards 2007 - Wedding Category - Silver Award
Kodak Gold Awards 2007 - Portrait Category - Silver Award
Licentiateship of The Photographic Society of New Zealand (LPSNZ) 2007
New Zealand Camera 2007 - Image published
Staglands Wildlife Park - Winner Sept/Oct 2007 Photo Competition
D-Photo Magazine - Winner Aug/Sept 2007 Shadows Photo Competition
Ronald Woolf Memorial Trust Exhibition 2006 - Acceptance Awards x 2