Monday, June 3, 2013

Staying at home with the Tui

This morning I decided that going in search of birds wasn't a smart move on a cloudy day. All that would happen is that I would get frustrated and grumpy when I achieved nothing. So I opened up the back doors and got my fix photographing the visitors to our garden yet again.

I had every intention of posting some waxeye images because I got some great ones today, but then the tui arrived and I haven't photographed him in a while.  I actually think this was a different one because it looked more lean and didn't sing for his dinner quite so much.  I use him loosely because it could be a her - I must research how to tell the difference!

I think I shot off something like thirty shots of the tui in the space of five minutes. He just kept posing for me, jumping to a new branch and then posing again. Eventually he made it to the feeder for a drink but by that time I was ready to download my images to see what I had.

The birds all seem to know when the camera is turned off because they start to come in much closer almost immediately the camera is put down. One day I am going to fool them and have a second camera set up with a remote!

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